A One School Model

As an institution that educates the early learner to the emerging adult, our community of scholars has a distinct advantage in a Pre-K through Grade 12 environment. The Covenant School is led by a 校长, three Division Heads, and a Dean of 学者 who ensures that the curriculum is a succinct arc across all grades. Our curriculum builds on itself from grade to grade, encouraging students to make connections across disciplines and become more sophisticated in their learning. 

Our faculty not only collaborate across departments but across campuses as well. 例如, our 较低的学校 Math Coordinator meets regularly with the 上学校 Math Department Chair to ensure continuity of learning. A school play in Grade 5 prepares young thespians for the full-scale 上学校 音乐al held each spring.

Directors of Academic 皇冠app苹果官方下载 are available on both campuses for students requiring additional assistance. School-wide events such as Convocation and Fall Fest bring the entire student body together with their families to celebrate our community.

Meet the Senior Team

    • 布拉德Baggett


    • 比尔齐默尔曼

      Academic Dean, Interim Head of 较低的学校

    • 苏西威利茨

      Associate Dean of Faculty

    • Bryan Verbrugge

      Hickory Chaplain

    • 弗兰克·贝瑞

      首席财务官 & 首席运营官

    • 斯宾塞伯顿

      Head of Hickory Campus, 中学 Director

    • 贝卡特

      Director of 招生 and Financial Aid

    • 麦克巴尔

      Director of Institutional Advancement

    • 科林·安德森

      Dean of Faculty

    • 尼基他还

      上学校 Director

    • 杰里王


    • 杰森·班尼特

      Athletic Director

The Covenant School

Birdwood Campus | 较低的学校 | Pre-K–Grade 5 |
1000 Birdwood Road Charlottesville, VA 22903 | 434.220.7309

Hickory Campus | Middle and 上学校 | Grades 6–12 | 175 Hickory Street Charlottesville, VA 22902 | 434.220.7329
Located in Charlottesville, VA, The Covenant School is a non-denominational, 私人, Christian day school for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, visual and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.